Welcome to World of Rebels

A community for social entrepreneurs,

building businesses in their own unique and rebellious way!

The world needs Rebel Entrepreneurs that challenge the status quo to realise the change we desperately need for ourselves and future generations!

Create a life and business in your own unique and rebellious way

World of Rebels brings together Rebel Entrepreneurs with dreams, experience and knowledge to meet, share, support and empower each other, to build real relationships and work and grow together.

We want you to become successful social entrepreneurs on your terms and in your own unique and rebellious way. So you can start, build or grow your business, enjoy the freedom and create impact while earning money

Connect your personal business goals to a bigger mission

And most important, as a community we will be able to achieve the 17 sustainable development goals a lot faster by connecting our personal business goals to a bigger mission and create the change the world needs so desperately.

Because the world needs Rebel Entrepreneurs that challenge the status quo and create businesses in their own unique and rebellious way to realise the change we desire and desperately need for ourselves and for future generations!

Rebel Power

According to us, REBELs are:

Rigorous Extraordinary and Brilliant Entrepreneurial Lifechangers


It’s your lifestyle and mindset to follow your heart. 


You show your unique personality and never try to fit. 


You see things differently and believe you can change the world. That makes you a genius. 


You see opportunities to change the world while making money. And finally, 


You care about our planet and you want to use your unique talents

to create change.


We give you the benefits of a community, education and coaching every day and all in one place. We offer you the resources and connections that help you succeed on your terms and in your own unique en rebellious way.

Peer Support

  • Daily polls and questions to exchange experience and knowledge based on monthly themes

  • Office hours, live Q&As with Fire Starter Rebel and founder Bertie Franke where you can get your questions answered

  • Hot seats get direct feedback on your biggest challenges right now from the brilliant minds in our community

Online Programs

  • Rebel Profile test and your Personal Rebel map, get insight into your unique personality and talents

  • Rebel Purpose test, find your purpose connected to the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN

  • Start a Business with Purpose, combine your talents, passions and purpose with our step-by-step guide to bring your ideas to life (launch in April 2020)

Pro Member Exclusives

You get:

  • Themed Campfire conversations with fellow members on key topics

  • Exclusive monthly themed content like articles, interviews and challenges to start, build or grow your business on your terms

  • Give & Ask marketplace a weekly direct exchange of experience and knowledge

  • A personal interview for our Rebel in the Spotlight series

  • A 50% discount on all online programs

And you give:

  • A Business Training of one week to a Women in Guatemala every month you are a Pro Member

“It’s not that Rebels create problems. It’s actually the problems that create Rebels.”

Free Rebel Community

We are your community builders. We are your way-finders and your catalysts. 

We are rule-breakers. We are REBELS.

Experience exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else. 

This is a no-fluff, dig deep community dedicated to shifting our minds, transforming ourselves and evolving our businesses to become social entrepreneurs that are connecting personal business goals to the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN.

If you are a creative spirit committed to collaborating, improving, and lifting each other up, and you’re ready to invest in yourself, we want you to join us.

World of Rebels, where community comes first and where Rebel-hearts meet. It’s where you belong.

I love being a Rebel

I’ve been a Rebel since I started exploring the world as a teenager. I simply can’t resist using this authentic, magical touch to transform the ordinary into something really special

I did it in my first job (my boss was not amused), I did it during our wedding (my parents were not amused) I did it as a mother (the school was not amused) and I do it as a wife… And fortunately, my husband and I have found each other in living this fantastic rebellious life together. 

It’s not that I was a difficult teenager or a demanding mother. No, I was just exploring the unknown, the ‘out of the box’ and ‘the computer says no’. I was and I still am challenging the status quo. And some cheered me on along the way. Because they could see, what I was seeing. Authenticity and freedom!

I can’t tell you how much I love the fact that I am able to create a safe place, a Rebel Resort for those who are longing to be authentic entrepreneurs and to find their freedom. After being a Rebel entrepreneur for over 15 years, I am looking forward to sharing my experience and knowledge of living a rebellious life and building a rebellious business with those, whose hearts catch fire when they think of themselves as Rebel entrepreneurs

Bertie Franke

Fire Starter Rebel and Founder of World of Rebels