Only passion & rebellion are keys of our success.

World of Rebels is the result!

Bertie Franke

Fire Starter Rebel & Founder

My personal mission is to give young people the opportunity to develop their natural talents and passions and to use them to create a better world. As a mother of two boys that do not find the space at school to develop their passions and talents I am determent to use my creativity and entrepreneurial skills to develop and market an online game that not only fulfils the needs of young people but also the demands from the market.

Michiel Dietvorst

Business Booster Rebel & Co-founder

My mission in life is to help people and organisations move forward all the time: grow talents, become better people and make the world a great place to live in. Human potential is huge and I get energised when I contribute with initiatives that develop talents alongside personal purpose. As all parents, I have this immense desire to help eager young people, not only my own children, to find their paths. World of Rebels offers a unique and positive platform to channel all the positive human energy towards a better planet for everyone!

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Fire Starter Rebel

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Michiel Dietvorst

Business Booster Rebel

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“It’s not rebels that make problems,

but problems that make rebels.”