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that want to help us make our dream come true.

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World of Rebels is building a world wide community. We offer a safe place where the next generations all around the world is included, appreciated and offered the opportunity to develop their talents. We are always welcoming businesses and individuals that want to help us make our dream come true.


All contributions, in kind or financial, are equally appreciated and contribute to make our planet a better planet to live on. If you are an individual please let us know what your passion is to contribute to World of Rebels and in what way you would like to participate.

We are in constantly looking for ambassadors, story-tellers, coaches and moderators. In particular at this stage we appreciate all support in video content creation, access to education organisations, access to NGO’s and marketing experts.


If you are a business and want to subscribe to the World of Rebels mission, we highly appreciate your sponsorship for our organisation. In addition, if you want to offer your employees an unique opportunity to get involved in our mission, we have specific programs where your employees can help us accelerate from their personal talents and passions.

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“It’s not rebels that make problems,

but problems that make rebels.”