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Find the areas that you excel in and be proud of your impact

World of Rebels offers you the community and platform to connect with people who are also discovering themselves and the world.


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Change the world

What if you could make a positive change through innovation and entrepreneurship?

Easy learning

What if you could learn how to use your talents in your own unique way by playing a game?

Talent development

What if you could earn your living with the things you’re good at and love most to do?

It’s not rebels that make problems,

but problems that make rebels

Are you ready to change the world?

Grow your talents

Be valued for your personal talents and have impact


Find new ways of co-creation with guaranteed concrete solutions

Make impact

Be proud of your impact to make this a better planet

The sum of input and outcomes of all participants is shared equally.

The BerMi scale quantifies talent, out-of-the-box, fit-for-purpose and power2execute.

Our planet is shouting out loud that we have to change our behaviour! Look at the plastic soup, melting ice or extinction of pieces.

We need to act


“It’s not rebels that make problems,

but problems that make rebels.”