Get connected to talents and turn your challenge into success

Progress is two-fold: people and plan. Within the World of Rebels community we have many enthusiastic, passionate and talented rebels that are already changing the world.

The wisdom and the drive of the Rebels crowd are unique and unmatched, because all rebels have this intrinsic motivation to develop their talents and to bring them to value in real-life challenges. This very powerful network is available for your organisation too, as Rebels do not stand alone in our world, but seek alliances to make our life, world and planet a better place to be.

If you do not only want a new, fresh, new-generation look at your challenge, but are willing to let Rebels give it a try, work together and enjoy energy en drive flowing, than make your challenge know to the World of Rebels. Give your organisation a boost, get the energy flowing between your employees and the outside world of a new generation. Any challenge? We are particularly interested in challenges that help Rebels improve their talents and make the world a better place. Social impact, climate, mobility, healthcare, nature are domains that will attract many passionate Rebels. It can be big, world-wide and long-term, or nearby, short-term and intense. Results will get the change started and propagating.

Get connected to talents and turn your challenge into success.



Traditional education plays a very important role in our society, providing access to knowledge and understanding where students take steps on their way to success. At the same time, traditional education is strongly focused on large scale knowledge transfer. Many new generation students are, however, seeking their personal sweet spot and want to develop their own talents. They find it difficult and challenging to find their way during their studies. Schools are seeking opportunities to provide extra-curricular programs to help students find their own reasons to be and to facilitate them along the way to a bright future.

Better image by relevant proven-methodology extra-curricular programs

World of Rebels offers the opportunity to students to discover the meaning of their studies in real-life as well as a unique chance to discover other areas, while still remaining enrolled to the school. In addition, education organisations have opportunities to incorporate knowledge transfer programs into the World of Rebels community, which is a perfect show-case to attract more intrinsic driven students. World of rebels provides, besides open challenges, also closed challenges that are tightly connected to the curriculum and where students develop their talents, benefit of all expertise available and still progress in their studies. No more one-off hack-a-thons or events, but a continuous part of the educational program, a bridge between theory and real-life.

Better image by relevant proven-methodology  extra-curricular programs.



New ways of co-creation with guaranteed concrete solutions

What is the market for your next innovation? Most probably not your actual customer base. More likely the new generations. How would it be if you could connected them to your innovation challenges and get future-proof co-creation? Your organisation can be a forerunner and stay ahead of your competition. World of Rebels has a community of Rebels seeking for opportunities to grow their talents and to make impact. The Rebels are eager to discover how businesses work and have a huge disruptive potential. Do you have the guts to get in contact with the new generation?

And to listen to them? And to give them support and space to try-out and build new solutions? Then World of Rebels is the platform to be. The World of Rebels platform facilitates the entire program and provides learning, framework and coaching to the Rebels, so your organisation will get best of both worlds: a new, fresh look on your innovation challenges and concrete results.

New ways of co-creation with guaranteed concrete solutions.

‘It’s not rebels that make problems,

but problems that make rebels’


Social Responsibility 2.0

Be proud of your impact to make this a better planet

Our planet is shouting out loud that we have to change our behaviour! Look at the plastic soup, melting ice or extinction of species. We need to act. Now! But if we leave it up to governments to make that change, it will be too little, too late. So let’s join forces and ‘Yes, we can!’ will be our slogan. We take our future, and the future of the ones coming after us, in our own hands, because we care and we can make thousands of small steps together to make a huge difference.

The power of change is the economy of scale. Share your challenge and take advantage of our World of Rebels platform to meet your Social Responsibility goals. It is an easy and very attractive way to bring innovation and social responsibility into your organisation. Our platform is based on the 17 global goals of the UN to make a connection to the big world problems we are dealing with today.

Be proud of your impact to make this a better planet.


Fluid organisation structures

The way we work is changing. From traditional fixed structures we are moving towards fluid alliances. Temporary teams of individuals that work together towards a shared goal, based upon expertise, talents and passion. The individuals in these new fluid organisation structures need to become aware of the dynamics, economic relationships and independence of the members.

World of Rebels operates along the lines of these fluid teams, where teams work independent of time and place. Building best possible teams, with different talents, cultures, seniority and expertise. A perfect place to become familiar with these future proof network collaborations. Both for the individuals team members as for organisations.

Get experienced with new fluid organisation structures.


BerMi scale

A higher BerMi level increases your market value

The BerMi scale quantifies talent, out-of-the-box, fit-for-purpose and power2execute. Rebels are crucial in todays world. Rebels are not the problem, problems create Rebels. We join forces to make this a better planet, starting from individual talents and real-life challenges, seeking ways to come up with new solutions and to bring them into reality. Each Rebel can assess its own BerMi level and increase this level during a mission and by participating in challenges.

Organisations will incorporate the BerMi scale in assessments of new employees, as the capabilities of employees to work in an ever faster changing eco-system are crucial to their personal success and the success of the organisation. A world-wide BerMi benchmark offers insight for NGO’s, companies and individuals. 

A higher BerMi level increases your market value.


Credits & Rewards

Our eco-system of purpose, rewards and joy is seeking new balance between give and take. World of Rebels believes in transparency and openness, with a leading positive attitude. We value Rebels, NGO’s and organisations for their strong points. We help each other with our individual talents to overcome problems. Each and every contribution is relevant and valued as such. Only together as one team, we will make this a better planet. The sum of input and outcomes of all participants is shared equally.

All participants invest and give, all participants harvest and take. This is the only way to keep going the transition that World of Rebels is building. The primary focus of World of Rebels is not on direct transactions. It is on a higher pay-it-forward level, where we help each other, are open and clear about our personal drives, talents and uncertainties, and get the support we are looking for.

Discover our eco-system of purpose, rewards and joy

“It’s not rebels that make problems,

but problems that make rebels.”