Who are you?

Find the areas that you excel in and be proud of your impact

You are discovering the world and yourself. Wondering if you are making the right choices, comparing yourself to others, listening to the people surrounding you. This stage of discovery is crucial to the rest of your life. So of course you are uncertain and find it very difficult to be committed and stick to your choices. It always seems that something better is just around the corner. But instead of finding yourself, you get lost in all the possibilities today’s world offers. World of Rebels believes that you are already good as you are.

Your talents are unique and valuable. And we understand that you need to have a purpose, not tomorrow, after finishing your studies or after your first promotion, but today! World of Rebels offers you the community and platform to connect with people who are also discovering themselves and the world. You’ll find a place to determine your talents and unveil them to the world. And you will help the world become a better place. A very joyful combination of strengthening your talents and applying them to real-life challenges.

Find the areas that you excel in and be proud of your impact.



So you think you have it all? Seen it, done it, been there? You know your talents and personal drive. You know how to make this world turn differently. You want to make a difference. Change the behaviour of the organisations we work for. Make this a better planet. And at the same time, nobody seems to listen to you or considers you out-of-bounds and confusing… Let’s join forces. Become a Rebel. Our World of Rebels community is making impact and we embrace all the Rebels in the world. Rebels are not the problem. Problems are made for Rebels.

Be valued for your personal talents and have impact

The challenges shared by NGO’s and businesses are looking for your out-of-the-box approach. But not only to share your opinion… we make changes by bringing our World of Rebels solutions into real-life. Because only concrete results make a difference. You’ll be proud of all the changes that you’ll make happen. And you’ll find and develop your own talents an get all the respect for what you really are and want to be.

Be valued for your personal talents and have impact.


Your talents

Know your talents and build your personal image

Einstein said: if you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. Everybody is good as he or she is and has all the opportunities to grow. World of Rebels focuses on your personal talents. We help you discover your talents and grow them, with real-life challenges. We believe that’s the best way to find your strongest and unique capabilities. We work in teams, where each and every individual talent contributes to a higher goal. Your talents will be valued. And you’ll value the talents of others. In a joyful arena we offer you during your studies an opportunity to take a look around and discover the world of NGO’s and business.

Build confidence and proof of your personal value-add. Get an understanding of the situations or circumstances that make you excel and where you can be proud of yourself. But also connect to the world of businesses and discover how your talents fit into the ways of working of organisations. We are all on a quest. The better you know yourself, your talents and your drive, the more joy you’ll find.

Know your talents and build your personal image.


World problems

Be proud of your impact to make this a better planet

Our planet is shouting out loud that we have to change our behaviour! Look at the plastic soup, melting ice or extinction of species. We need to act. Now! But if we leave it up to governments to make that change, it will be too little, too late. So let’s join forces and ‘Yes, we can!’ will be our slogan. We take our future, and the future of the ones coming after us, in our own hands, because we care and we can make thousands of small steps together to make a huge difference.

Our platform is based on the 17 global goals of the UN to make a connection to the big world problems we are dealing with today. The power of change is the economy of scale. Become a Rebel and take your role by combining drive, insight and execution power. There will be many challenges you can contribute to, all equally relevant. So connect to the one that you are passionate about and start a change!

Be proud of your impact to make this a better planet.


Credits & Rewards

Our eco-system of purpose, rewards and happiness is seeking new balance between give and take. World of Rebels believes in transparency and openness, with a leading positive attitude. We value Rebels, NGO’s and organisations for their strong points. We help each other with our individual talents to overcome problems. Each and every contribution is relevant and valued as such. Only together as one team, we will make this a better planet. The sum of input and outcomes of all participants is shared equally.

All participants invest and give, all participants harvest and take. This is the only way to keep going the transition that World of Rebels is building. The primary focus of World of Rebels is not on direct transactions. It is on a higher pay-it-forward level, where we help each other, are open and clear about our personal drives, talents and uncertainties, and get the support we are looking for.

Your talents and effort contribute and get rewarded.


BerMi scale

A higher BerMi level increases your market value

The BerMi scale quantifies talent, out-of-the-box, fit-for-purpose and power2execute. Rebels are crucial in to days world. Rebels are not the problem, problems create Rebels. We join forces to make this a better planet, starting from individual talents and real-life challenges, seeking ways to come up with new solutions and to bring them into reality. Each Rebel can assess its own BerMi level and increase this level during a mission and by participating in challenges.

Organisations will incorporate the BerMi scale in assessments of new employees, as the capabilities of employees to work in an ever faster changing eco-system are crucial to their personal success and the success of the organisation. A world-wide BerMi benchmark offers insight for NGO’s, companies and individuals. 

A higher BerMi level increases your market value.

‘It’s not rebels that make problems,

but problems that make rebels’


Fluid organisation structures

Get experienced with new fluid organisation structures

The way we work is changing. From traditional fixed structures we are moving towards fluid alliances. Temporary teams of individuals that work together towards a shared goal, based upon expertise, talents and passion. The individuals in these new fluid organisation structures need to become aware of the dynamics, economic relationships and independence of the members.

World of Rebels operates along the lines of these fluid teams, where teams work independent of time and place. Building best possible teams, with different talents, cultures, seniority and expertise. A perfect place to become familiar with these future proof network collaborations. Both for the individuals team members as for organisations.

Get experienced with new fluid organisation structures.

“It’s not rebels that make problems,

but problems that make rebels.”